EU-solidaarisuusjoukkojen nuoret Hanketoiminnassa syyskuun loppuun – millaisia kokemuksia heillä on Suomesta?

EU-solidaarisuusjoukkojen vapaaehtoishankkeen nuoret Madeleine, Jana, Andrea ja Daniel ovat olleet nyt kuukauden Raahessa, Hanketoiminnan ja kehittämisen -yksikön puutarhalla. He ovat päässeet myös tutustumaan muiden työpajojen toimintaan ja suunnitelleet kielikahvila-toimintaa tuleville Raahen Pimiöille.

Mistä nämä nuoret tulevat ja miksi he päättivät tulla Raaheen? Entä minkälaisia kokemuksia heillä on Suomesta? Annetaan heidän itsensä kertoa!

Madeleine, France

I’m Madeleine and I come from France. Actually, I was born in Helsinki but my family and I moved to France when I was 3. I haven’t had the opportunity to stay in Finland apart from family holidays which is the reason why I choosed to apply for an EVS in Finland. I wanted to help for a project that would include outdoors activities and contact with nature.  

The project is indeed about gardening, and Raahe has beautiful forest, sea and islands… We went to visit Tasku island last week, there was already some fall colors, wich was magnificent. 

The best thing about this project is the people we have met. Everyone has been very nice and trying to make things easy for us.  Also, it has been a chance to learn things withing the projects context but also outside of it. We have learned about gardening in the greenhouse, how to bake perunarieska at Café Kampus, how to print fabric at the handicraft workshop… and my co-volunteer friend Jana has been teaching me crawling at the local swimming pool 🙂 

The worst thing is the quasi-inexistance of transport means in Raahe, so I often feel blocked in my walking distance area.
I don’t know much about my future, but Raahe is quiet which makes it a good place to focus on inner questions. Before coming to Raahe I graduated from a bachelor in sociology, this project is a chance to open up to new perspective for studying and working. 

Jana, Austria

My name is Jana and I’m from Austria. I’m 18 years old and just finished school. I’m in Raahe because I work as an ESC – Volunteer.

As I have never been in a northern country, I feel very lucky to get the possibility to live in Finland for two months. The reason why I decided to do this volunteering project is that I wanted to widen my horizon, to see and experience new things, to get to know new people and to learn new things.

Among the best things here in Raahe are the kind and welcoming people I had the chance to get to know! And of course sauna, vispipuuro, salmiakki, 2^nd hand shops, the sea, the beautiful landscape, …though I still have to get used to bread from the supermarket and not every morning freshly baked in a bakery.

Anyway, it’s great to be here and I am enjoying the moment – my future is still in the stars, as we say in german. 🙂

Andrea, Italy

My name is Andrea and I come from Italy.

I´m 24. I originally come from a small city close to Milan, now I study geography at the University of Bologna and I live there. 

I chose Finland because I´ve been here two years ago. I studied for 5 months at the University of Jyväskylä thanks to the Erasmus project. I really liked everything and I´ve always wanted to come back. 

My expectations are to learn new things about the activities I´m doing here, especially about gardening that is our major activity. I would also like to learn more about the Finnish culture and language and to enjoy the beautiful nature and peace you have here all around. Bologna is very crowded, noisy and polluted and I never have the chances to stay in contact with nature.

The best thing about Finland is its nature. I also like that now the sunset is very late accordig to Italian standards. I love the city centre of Raahe, I think that the little wooden houses are peculiar and spectacular. The cafe in the main square is amazing. All the people I meet during my activities, and generally in Finland, are so kind and gentle, this is something that I really appreciate. 

The worst thing is maybe the fact that the weather could be hard. For example, in the last weekend, it has rained almost continuously for two days. Also, there is not a place where people could go and gather in the evening or at night both for weekdays and weekend, or, at least, I don´t know it. 

The strangest think about Finland is that people usually drink milk at every meal, which is very unusual and wired for Italians, but I got used to it very quickly and now I enjoy it.

My future plans are to finish the master degree and then find a job related to what I studied, which is, unfortunatelly, not so easy in Italy. 

Daniel, Spain

I´m Daniel and I am from Spain, a village called Tarazona in Zaragoza.

I have an older brother (30) and a younger sister (10). My father works in a farm in a rural village (Santa Cruz de Moncayo), it has less than 120 inhabitants. I study at university, Environmental Sciences.

I wanted to work in a project related to environment because of my studies. Also, I wanted to discover a northern or Nordic country, see what make them so unique.

I want to explore, discover the country and if I can meet new people. Also, I’d like to learn about all kind of things. Work is a part of my expectations too, actually I am pretty exited about Raahen Pimiät.

The nature here is incredible, also the old town and the surrounds. About the project the festival and the fact that we can suggest our own ideas is so self-development and also the people here in the work is so nice.

Finland is a very expensive country but I knew it before. I don´t like that anyways. And I´d like to travel but there are not many buses or trains from Raahe, at least the ones we searched.

I have so many ideas for the future but not really one clear. I want to end my studies at university but I have thought in take a gap year too and work outside of Spain. Maybe here I find some answers.

Tule tapaamaan Madeleinea, Janaa, Andreaa ja Danielia kielikahvilaan Raahen Pimiöille pe 30.8. ja la 31.8. klo 14-16 Raahen Rantatorille.

Lisätietoja kielikahvilasta Raahen Pimiöiden sivuilla / more information about the language cafe at raahenpimiat.fi.


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